Stage Next Door (Campus Art Special Performance on Thursday)

Assalamualaikum warrahmatullah,
Hi there,
Ok, this is my official english page. Hope you wouldn’t mind with my bad english,hihi.
As you know, that now I am studying in a Pusan National University. This university is contains a lot of major. Since my background is came from an institute (and tech-university), there was not many performance i could enjoy on my previous university. Otherwise, PNU has various major, from science to social, from medical to engineering. And believe me, there are also art and traditional art for major here.
What it will become, if there is an art major without performance? It will be useless, right? I mean, why do they work very hard on music, dance, act and so on if they didn’t have any opportunity to perform. That is why they make a building where student can perform their ability.

Since i came (on end of February) I already joined about 3 or 4 performances from more than 10 performances that have been held during this semester. Of course I could not join them all, because I have classes and need to do my research. However, it always bunches of excitement while I attended those performances. Especially because the building just next to my lab building.
First performances I have attended was short-indie movie by a famous director (I forget the name,sorry). The movie was not contain a lot of dialogues so it is easy for me to follow. My friend who also joined me to see the movie said that the actress who casted is famous actress and also the most beautiful actress in Korea (and also, I forget the name). The organizer also mentioned that this is her first movie before she went in the professional role.
The next performance i joined is traditional dance contest. Don’t ask me if it is good or not, because it is awesome!! I guessed (because i can’t understand the language) there were two categories in this contest. Pure-traditional dance and contemporer dance (click the link for short-video). There were so many contestant attended in this contest and they were all-out on their performances. They used beautiful garments and colors, so it can flew beautifully and have beautiful effect while they were dancing. They putted good make-up, so their face looks so charming in every angle, and they were supported each other during the contest. What a great performance.

The next performance i attended is music performance, and this time is a traditional music orchestra. They are professionals and not student from our university, and of course, as professionals, they presented fascinating performances. The song and the music were difficult for me to understand, but I got the spirit and the peace in the same time.

There’s a seriosa singer too. So, imagine how excited I am when attended this special art. Other performance I were attended is Campus Ballet Special. I am not quite sure, if the performers are student in Ballet Dance major or not, but their effort are amazing because the performance was very interesting.

And last but not least, “campus arts special on Thursday” was closed by performance from Professors in PNU. Professors from several departments in PNU who interested in music and can play music instrument are joined in one group orchestra to play a song. After that, some professors were performed one by one according to their talent.

That is the end of special art for this semester, hope next semester, I’ll enjoy the same thing. I never ever dreamed about being attended in any kind of performance like this before. So it is one of precious momeng during my study here. So lucky 🙂




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