UNO problem

Recently, I am so addicted with UNO games, the online one. Since I don’t have partner to play with and the physical card as well(yep, I am that pathetic) so I choose to play it online. I just like this game so much because I always have a good memories while playing it. It’s one of my shortcut to get happy. Hihi.

I wasn’t recognize if it’s appear on my Facebook’s news feed until last two or three days when one of my home-mate mentioned it. I am not too embarassed with it, I know I was do wrong, and I admit it.
Hihi, I guess its an alarm for me to stop playing and back to seriously working.
This research is killing me, I just can’t find something that “destined to do”. This keep-looking routine burden me with some bore and disappointing. However, I need to keep it going, right?
Stop UNO-ing and start Working,,uu yeeaahh!!!
Just remember Ludi, be careful with your hobbies. Hehe..
Miss the maverick and 305 families 😦



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