My name’s Ludi, Mughniyah Ludiansari.

Assalamualaikum Warrahmatullah Wabarakaatuh,

Hello everyone. I don’t know why suddenly I have an idea to write about my name in this blog and makes the title sounds perfectly like in James Bond’s movie. Maybe because I want to see that movie so bad and still not knowing if I can see it on the cinema or just satisfy with my own theater (read: my notebook screen).

However, I write this just for fun. I write this for myself, to complete the history in this blog 🙂 And if you enjoy it, well, you’re very welcome 😛

Back to the unimportant topic,

As you know that I am a moslem. I born in moslem family with a small-but-beautiful diversity. So, since we are moslem, my father want to give me a beautiful Islamic name (by his understanding). My mother who is a moslem-but-still-prefer-Indonesian-traditional-and-normal-name was disagreed with my Islamic-but-weird name. Why she thinks it is weird? Because my father want to put “Mughniyah” and “Ludi” as parts of my name. Imagine, how should my mother call in between of that weird name? So, my mother decides to put “Sari” to shows that I am a baby girl (Sari is common Indonesian girl’s name). And the “An” part is just to connect so it sounds normal (by her understanding).

Just a little information, my father wanted to named me after my grandmother and grand grandmother. My grandmother’s name is “Waode Muniha Yangga” and since it related to one of Asma’ul Husna which is “Al-Mughniy”(The Enricher) so my father decided to put “Mughniyah” in my name. My grand grandmother name is “Waode Ludhu” and no one (that I’ve ever met) knows the meaning of that name. So, since he wanted to insert her name in mine so bad, because my father was one of her favorite grandson, he named me after her and improved it so it become “Ludi”. That’s it, I am officially named based on the creativity of my parents 😀

Do I have weird experiences regarding to my name? It’s …  just …… a lot 😀 And I’d like to write down few of them.

M for Muhammad

Did you realize that my name has many letters in each syllable? That’s why my parents usually just shorten my name by mention only the first letter of “Mughniyah” and let the rest of my name written. Yes, it will read as “M. Ludiansari”. Fyi again, usually an Indonesian moslem boy will have “Muhammad” as their first name and since it is so common and long, usually they just write “M” in front of their name, for example “Muhammad Sarman” will become “M. Sarman”. So, one day when my parents bring me to the hospital for vaccination, they waited for long time but my name still hasn’t called yet. So, they asked the nurse why my name hasn’t called, the nurse ask them what is my name. And when my parents mentioned my name, she said “I already called for about five times but why you’re not come? This baby’s name is Muhammad Ludiansari, right?” and suddenly my parents know, why they ignored the call. Because the nurse was thought I am a boy and misspelled my name. Funny? Hold on. There is more. When I am at elementary school, we have our homework books right? Since I still can’t write down my name in a readable-way yet, my mother wrote it for me. Because there are a lot of books, my mother start write “M. Ludiansari” as my name to cut the time and especially the effort to write. My school is Islamic school, so that incident was happened again. It makes both of me and my teacher shame. Luckily, my friends were not bullying me because of it, they just laugh and then forget it. So, as a student, I am patiently explained to my teachers again and again that “M” is not stand for “Muhammad”.

Ludi is a boy’s name

Actually “Ludi” is not a common name in Indonesia (especially for a girl), so you’re not alone if you think my name is unusual. I’ve found a few people who have that name. And most of them are boy, seriously. I ever found “Moh. A. Ludi” as a name of film’s crew when I was younger, and a lot of combination of “Ludi” in boy’s name-form in some papers, internet or anything. I was shocked but happy when I found there is one girl on Facebook (except me) who has “Ludi” in her name. I am so jealous because she has more girly-combination name than mine, which lately I know that she use it as her nickname. Based on those experience, I am not surprise how people got confused and thought that I am a boy when I mentioned “Ludi” as my name on text, chat, email, letter or when people just read my name in somebody’s phonebook. When I was in college, my boarding house’s mate has boyfriend who get jealous at his girlfriend because she always ask my help for almost everything, including text him with my number. So, one day, when they dating in my boarding house’s living room, he got angry and asked her to make he met the person named “Ludi”. When we finally met, he said sorry plenty of time to both of us because he has misinterpreted my name, he simply thing that I am a boy. It was funny, and it feels funnier when it happened again and again, of course with different person and situation.

Hard to pronounce

Well, having a name which has so many consonant letters bring a little trouble in my life. I still remember how much efforts I was putted to memorized my name. Luckily, my mother has taught me to spell my name since I was 4 years old. She even make a song to make it easier. Yep, I can memorized it at last, but for writing, it was consumed another efforts from my kindergarten teachers. It wasn’t end there. The register office in my neighborhood was misspelled my name with “Mughniah Ludian Sari” in my family card, and no one noticed it (especially my parents) until I have to registered myself when I was turned 17 years old. So, my first ID-card has that name, the misspelled one. And it was stands for five years. For five years, I have different name in ID-card and driver license (such a strange, right?). And when I am turned 22, I decide to change the family card so my name can’t be misspelled anymore because I want to have uniform name in all of my documents. Not only the register officer, but also most of my teachers have misspelled it. I often called with “Munia”, “Mugia”, “Muhia”, or “Mukiya” and when it so hard even to read my first name, they will quickly mentioned the last name and we will just passed that weird moment safely. When I went to Taiwan and Korea, I completely tolerant when local people couldn’t pronounced my name well. At first, I always say to them “Don’t worry! My name is also difficult for Indonesian” but unfortunately it always cost me a lot of time because they usually ask for the reason. Now, I just learn how to keep shut and smile when they put a strange face while read my names.

My name in Chinese and Korean letters

When I was study in Taiwan, I made a Chinese name to make an ID card and also bank account. And I was use 陸滿擴 (pronounced: Lù mǎn kuò) as my name, which has meaning Land (Lu) and Full Expansion (man kuo). I made it using an online-software which I randomly picked in Google. When local people read it, they will wrinkling their forehead and tell me that it was the weirdest name they’ve ever heard. They told me that the meaning was good but the combination was the opposite. One of them said to me, that I should just use Lu-di as my Chinese name, because it also common for Chinese to have only two syllables as their name. So, when I move to Korea and also need to make a name in Korean letters (Hangeul), I just want my original name written in it. 루디안사리 무그니야흐. Long and difficult? correct. So I decide just use 루디안사리 when people ask me to write my name in Hangeul. Fortunately, the admission office is also using that as my official registration name. So, my official name here is 루디안사리 (Ludiansari). But still, weird moments happened. When I try to translate my name using Google Translator, the meaning of that Hangeul version is “Ludi not Sari” (you can Google it as well). And I just laughed after read it. It sounds like the Google also decide “Ludi” as my nickname, not the girly “Sari” part. Perhaps I just destined to have that weird name.

What a long story just for a line of name, right? Once I’ve ever asked “Grandpa Google” about my name, and then I understand the reason why people always feel weird with girl who has name as mine. Even for Arabian (correct me if I am wrong) “Mughniyah” is commonly used as boy name. I guess it is because of the meaning, The Enricher, the one who gives rich to other. That kind of job should be done by a man, I think. Based on the meaning, I always joking, to people who flattered me with the meaning of “Mughniy”, that I will poor forever because I always give my money to others. It’s maybe a good thing to do, but still I don’t like being poor. Agree with me? High five! 😀

Although I have a weird name I still appreciate it. At first I have a hard time as a common little girl because I also want a pretty-yet-normal name like “Stephanie”, “Shinta”, “Mia”, “Yunita” or even “Putri”, but when I grown up, I realize that it was the biggest gift from my parents except their love to me. Because of their creativity, people will never forget me because of my unique (or weird) name. Maybe I am not the prettiest, maybe I am not the smartest, maybe I am not the richest, but they will not forget me, at least for the uniqueness of my name 🙂 Because I am Ludi, Mughniyah Ludiansari (then pose like James Bond, LOL).

*I write this to reduce the pain of dysmenorrhea and to wait all of my seniors go home. Because I was come late today 😛

Salam-mari pulang sebelum tambah mules 😀



6 thoughts on “My name’s Ludi, Mughniyah Ludiansari.

  1. teringat wkt bru pertama kali kenal kmu lud,aq jg bingung gmn spell namamu,,paling gampang ya ludi..n i think it’s beautiful, your full name..just one and only..just like me,mayasta mushevi irza..wkwkwkwk
    btw,i miss u so baddddd 😦

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